Mitchell International

As a Visual Designer at Mitchell International, I engineered concepts, branding, and coded front-end software landing pages across Auto Physical Damage Solutions such as Collision Repair, OEM Networks, Estimating, Repair Procedures Review, Diagnostic Solutions, Glass Solutions, and Intelligent Solutions. My work won six Spot Awards.

With an extensive portfolio of products under Mitchell’s belt, I had the privilege to collaborate across different teams, spanning multiple countries, facilitating in-depth research to conceptualize and brand their new AI-driven software system, Intelligent Solutions, and the many products that will live in its line.

Redesign & Frameworked+

Collision Repair Product, OEM Networks, Cloud Estimating, Estimate Advisor, Diagnostic Solutions, RepairCenter, Mitchell Cloud Repair, Glass Solutions, Casualty Solutions.


Intelligent Solutions Systems, Intelligent Estimating, Intelligent Review.

Software is difficult to conceptualize because it’s not entirely physical. It’s even more complicated when it’s AI-driven. Part of the challenge was to refine extensive information about the abilities of this new software into consumable visual elements. I extensively researched what was already out on the market and combined the possibilities customers were looking into for the future of automotive repair software.

My concept revolved around Plato’s Theory of Forms, which brings Mitchell’s’ Intelligent Estimating software into the real world from a two-dimensional AI space. Long gone are the days of manual collision repair estimation. Built upon over 75 years of real-world experience, Mitchell makes technology human. Built by people for people.

My secondary and last concepts revolved around Sci-Fi inspired anime and pop culture icons that completely changed the genre.

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Siamee Yang Email Marketing Manager with over seven years of Design Direction, Visual Design, Front-End Development and Management specializing in omni-channel ecom marketing.