TP-LINK North America

As a visual designer at TP-Link North America, I directed digital marketing and front-end development campaigns for the North American B2B and B2C markets. My expertise is translating innovative concepts into compelling products that drive brand visibility and revenue. I managed and worked on campaigns for major retailers Amazon, New Egg, Fry’s, Home Depot and oversaw brand partnerships with the LA Kings. I was also part of the in-house team that conceptualized and brought the first TP-Link wireless home mesh Wi-Fi system and innovative Archer C5400X tri-band MU-MIMO wireless gaming router to market.

Redesign & Frameworked+

Global Brand Web Standards, Global Spotlight Pages, Global Web Assets, Amazon A+ Pages, WebCollage Content, Email Marketing.

Engineered & Developed (Coded)+

Global Spotlight Pages: C5400X, SR20, Deco M5. NewEgg Landing Pages: Deco M5, 5400, LB100, LB110, LB130, HomeCare. Global Category Pages: Smart Home, Smart Bulbs. Support Pages: M5, C7, C1200, C2300, Wi-Fi Survey. Educational Pages: HomeCare, J.D. Power. Sponsorship Pages: LA Kings.

Deco was the first Home Wi-Fi system that used new mesh technology to create seamless connections throughout a house. The momentum in the distribution of Wi-Fi reminded me of fluid paint. The seamless movement of watercolor ink and the TP-Link brand colors brought this concept to life.

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Siamee Yang Email Marketing Manager with over seven years of Design Direction, Visual Design, Front-End Development and Management specializing in omni-channel ecom marketing.