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Customer Journey

+125% List Growth+

Targeted lead generation tactics include using user-generated content and social proof for onsite, email, and lead gen magnets to attract quality subscribers and expand list growth.

+36% Open Rate+

A/B testing of personalized, promo specific and affinity targeting subject lines with segmentation strategy increased Open Rates.

+22% Click Rate+

A/B testing of personalized product recommendations, affinity, and behavior-driven segmentation increase engagement KPIs such as Click and Order Placed Rates.

-30% Unsubscribe Rate+

An extensive subscriber list does not represent list health and can obstruct deliverability. By optimizing list hygiene practices to remove bad actors and spam traps, we cleared the path to reach customers who want to receive communication and decreased unsubscribe rates.

60% Revenue Per Recipient+

Utilizing user-generated content, social proof, personalization, and segmentation through systematic A/B testing, we delivered impactful content that increased revenue per recipient to an average of 60% across all brands.

20% Loyalty Growth+

Genuinely appreciating customers through loyalty perks, early access, and creatively restructuring benefits to keep revenue cycling through e-commerce increased net growth, sign ups, and engagement.

Siamee Yang Email Marketing Manager with over seven years of Design Direction, Visual Design, Front-End Development and Management specializing in omni-channel ecom marketing.